Disability Employment Service

At MBC we offer free assistance for people with disability, injury or health conditions to find and keep meaningful work. We’ll help you discover what you’re good at, develop your skills, find training courses, gain work experience, and more.

The best way to help our jobseekers is to have a strong local network of businesses and government agencies who rely on us. We’ve been around for nearly 30 years. We’ve forged those strong links to give you options.

It’s important you’re introduced to employers who value of people with a disability considering the strength many bring to a team. We have gone further to understand these businesses, what they need and how they operate. Before you’re referred to any business, we trust they are professional and offer the prospect of a fulfilling job.

We expect you might be worried about going through this process again. We get it. But we think there is a good boss out there who sees your abilities first. That’s because we know you’ve been overcoming challenges all your life. This is nothing compared what you’ve already achieved. We find bosses and organisations who understand that.

Give us a go and we’ll find others who will do the same for you.