Disability Employment Service

MBC’s Disability Employment Services are now provided by atWork Australia. You will be supported by the same people in the same locations, just with an expanded ability to support you even more.

atWork Australia has been supporting people living with disability, injury, disadvantage and health condition since 2003 and is based in over 340 offices around the country.



Every year, we help thousands of people living with disability, injury or health condition find meaningful work that:

  • Reflects your interests and goals
  • Matches your abilities and skills
  • Helps you get what you want out of life


When you choose atWork Australia as your Disability Employment Services (DES) provider, we start delivering the services you need straight away. We work together to meet your goals with a truly individual approach, putting your needs front and centre. We are your Job Coach, your advocate and your partner as you find the right job for you.

Enquire with atWork Australia by visiting their website, or calling 1300 080 856.