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JobActive is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work by connecting job seekers with employers. We have the flexibility to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Delivered throughout MBC’s network of locations across NSW and the ACT, we work closely with employers to understand your recruitment needs. Dedicated to getting more Australians into work, we match you with your own MBC employment consultant who will help you to understand your career options and support you through the employment process. By focusing on your skills, experience and employment goals, we’ll help you prepare for work, find employment and provide ongoing support to you in your new job. For people who require extra assistance, we also provide more intensive support such as access to training and work experience placement.

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  • Your jobactive provider will meet with you to help you find work and develop a Job Plan that includes activities to help you get skills that local employers are looking for
  • Provide help for you to overcome or manage non vocational issues where relevant
  • Help you look for up to 20 jobs each month—your jobactive provider can tailor this number to your circumstances and local labour market conditions
  • Work for the Dole or another approved activity (such as part-time work, part-time study in an eligible course, participation in accredited language, literacy and numeracy training or volunteer work) for six months each year.