Looking for Work

MBC Employment is a leading provider of employment services. For job seekers we provide personalised one-on-one support services to help you find and keep a job, depending on your individual circumstances and needs. Our job is to support you in finding a job.

What works is different for everyone and we will find the right strategies for you. We will work with you to create a pathway to employment.

Looking for work

A tailored plan from the start

We will taylor an action plan to help move you quickly into employment.

Connect with support services

If you have personal barriers that need additional support we will assist you by referring and linking you to appropriate services.

Connecting you with training and services

It can be difficule to know what you need to do to improve your prospects. Just a resume revamp or training can open more doors. We can guide your decisions and help you weigh up the options.

Go the extra mile to find a job that’s right for you

We know you’re driven to do your best, we respect that by doing the same for you. Our best is empowering you on a path to long term work.

Take time to introduce you to potential employers

It’s common to be anxious about job interviews. Even getting to job interviews can be difficult at times. We talk through any concerns and find ways to make this process easier and feel more comfortable.

Celebrate your success securing a job

When all you’ve worked toward results in a job that’s right for you, we celebrate with you.

Consulting as you make the transition into work

It can take time to settle into new employment, we will be there to support you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our team of dedicated professionals are highly skilled in providing specialised assistance to:

  • Young People

    We support young people to gain usable employability skills and work experience.

  • Parents & Carers

    Ensuring parents and carers get the support they need to find a job to suit their needs.

  • People 50+ years

    Giving mature age workers the opportunity to extend their skills and keep active.

  • People with a disability

    We see your abilities first, and assist finding meaningful work to suit you.

  • Indigenous Australians

    Improving employment outcomes and opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

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