Success Stories

Over the years MBC has worked with countless job seekers and assisted them in achieving their goals of employment. In many cases these individuals have overcome challenging barriers and moved into sustainable long term employment.

Sussana's new start

Susanna found herself at MBC as a job seeker after her husband who had supported her for many years prematurely passed away. Susanna had not worked in over 10 years and thought that she had no hope of finding employment. Susanna’s consultant worked with her to recognise her skills and intelligence. Susanna came to Australia as a refugee from Bosnia, before coming to Australia she had completed a degree in economics but never had the opportunity to work in the field due to the war.

Susanna’s consultant noticed an advertisement in the local paper for a migrant worker in the local area, although Susanna felt she did not have the skills to apply for the position her consultant suggested that she at least try as her experience as an assistant during the war in Bosnia developed many skills relevant to the role. MBC contacted the employer and discussed the role and Susanna’s suitability, a Wage Subsidy was also offered to the employer to encourage them to give Susanna a chance. Together they completed an application letter and Susanna was successful in gaining an interview, she started in the position two weeks later. The Wage Subsidy was paid to the employer over a 6 month period, and 12 months later Susanna is still employed in this role and feels she is contributing something to society and her community.

Chloe was successful in gaining a full-time traineeship in Uluru

MBC Employment Services have assisted many young indigenous job seekers to find employment.

18 year old Chloe was looking for work for over 2 years when she accessed services with MBC Employment Services. Through the Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australian program Chloe was successful in gaining a full-time traineeship in Uluru. MBC assisted Chloe with her travel costs to Uluru and new clothing for work.

"Just wanted to let you know that my first week has been brilliant. Thank-you so much for helping me get here, thank you to the team as well" - Chloe

Patricia finds a new career after being unemplyed for over 2 years

42 year old Patricia had been out of work for over 2 years and dealing with personal issues. Although Patricia had worked in a variety of industries previously she was finding it difficult to find sustainable employment.

MBC worked closely with Patricia to refer her to support services to deal with her personal issues. Patricia completed MBC internal Targeted Pre-Employment Program to assist her to be job ready. Patricia was subsequently referred to a training course for future NBN jobs and commenced in full time employment as an NBN installation trainee.

Benjamin was placed in a National Work Experience Program

Benjamin was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and was finding it difficult to gain employment in an environment that supported his condition. MBC marketed Benjamin directly to employers providing information to employers about his work needs and what he could offer to them.

Benjamin was placed in a National Work Experience Program where he was able to show the employer what he could offer them. During the 4 weeks in the work experience program Benjamin’s confidence grew and he was able to communicate with the staff and customers in the business. On completion of the 4-week placement the employer offered Benjamin part time employment, 3 days per week.

Benjamin was employed under a Wage Subsidy which supported his employer to provide training to Benjamin, he remains employed after more than 6 months.